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How Lien Sales Work

How it works

Only during specified dates and times will the public be able to access vehicles for inspection.

Check in at office first and you will be given a bid sheet and allowed access to auction vehicles.

If a vehicle has keys and does run you will be allowed to start the motors however you will not be able to drive them. To check out keys you will need to leave a photo I.D. with office staff and your I.D. will be returned once keys have been returned.

If you are interested in placing a bid or a bid on multiple vehicles, you will fill out the bid sheet that was handed to you when you check in at office.

Vehicles on the Bid Sheet that are labeled as Junk may only be bid on by a Licensed Automobile Dismantler (Salvage Yard). This is due to type of paperwork that has been processed through the DMV.

Once you have completed your Bid Sheet, take it back into the office and put it in a sealed envelope. Then hand this sealed envelope to the office staff.

Acceptance of sealed bids will be cut off at 4:00pm.

The office staff will open the sealed bids the following morning to determine the highest bidder for each vehicle in the auction.

The highest bidder for each vehicle will then be contacted by phone.